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Transfer Station

Transfer Station

Brown Goods Day: May 10, 2020 8-4
Swap shop and recycling WILL NOT be open
Maintain distances. Be safe.

The Unity Area Regional Recycling Center will continue to be closed to the public through this COVID-19 State of Emergency. This is why we have gone to no recycling at this time.  The Transfer Station is open for your bagged trash only and are asking you to throw your own bags into the dumpsters.  The metal dumpster is also still available. The swap shop is closed. We will be scheduling a Brown Goods Day in May, depending on the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

The Transfer Station is now open Summer Hours: 8AM-5PM on Sundays.

The Jackson Transfer Station, Recycling Center and Swap Shop is located in the municipal complex behind the Fire Station and is available to all Jackson residents.

The Transfer Station is open every Sunday. Hours change when the clocks change.
   8AM to 5PM in the summer months
   8AM to 4PM in the winter months

Brown Goods are only accepted twice a year, normally in May and October. Dates will be announced. Metal is accepted year round in the big dumpster. Metal only, please!

Tires will be accepted in small quantities only by reservation. Check with the attendant for the sign-up sheet.

Universal Hazardous Waste will be accepted ONLY at the Unity Area Recycling Center during operating hours: 9AM-4PM Tuesday through Friday and 8AM-1PM on Saturday. No hazardous waste will be accepted at the Transfer Station. This list includes all batteries, ink and toner cartridges, TVs and monitors, computers, printers, and other electronic equipment, game consoles, digital picture frames, and anything containing mercury (fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, thermostats, automotive switches, and some antiques.) Pamphlets are available in the Town Office and at the Transfer Station.