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Transfer Station

Transfer Station

The Transfer Station is now open Winter Hours: 8AM-4PM.

UARRC has a job opening. 20-hours per week, will train. Call 568-3117 for more information.

Unity Area Recycling is no longer taking GLASS for recycling. Glass must be bagged and put in the dumpsters.

The Jackson Transfer Station, Recycling Center and Swap Shop is located in the municipal complex behind the Fire Station and is available to all Jackson residents.

The Transfer Station is open every Sunday. Hours change when the clocks change.
   8AM to 5PM in the summer months
   8AM to 4PM in the winter months

RECYCLERS—PLEASE read.  We regret to inform you all that the UARRC was informed that the market for the #1, 3,4,5,6, and 7 plastics has gone away. Due to this change these plastics no longer acceptable and need to be put in the dumpsters. Please do this yourselves so that Janice will not have to. 

We can no longer accept the #1, 3-7 plastics. This category includes a bulk of the plastics we were accepting. These items include plastic straws, transparent and clear plastics, clamshell containers, “tub”-style containers of any color (such as yogurt/cottage cheese containers), plastic lids of any color, Dunkin Donut cups, plastic “silverware”, and many other forms of these plastics. This is not a complete list of examples. 
The #2 HDPE plastics (milk jugs, laundry detergent and the like) are still extremely valuable and we graciously accept those plastics. We still accept the film plastics (#2 shopping bags and #4 stretch films such as bubble-wrap). The above-mentioned #4 plastics that we can no longer accept is of the “hard” plastic types. These are usually some mustard bottles and some tubs/lids. They tend to be rare in their use.
Also as a reminder furniture, tv’s and microwaves are not accepted.  TV’s and microwaves can be taken to Unity Recycling free of charge,  furniture can be taken to DM&J on Rt139 Winterport.
In recent weeks all of these items have been left at the transfer station after hours and now the town will have to pay someone to dispose of them.

Brown Goods are only accepted twice a year, normally in May and October. Dates will be announced. Metal is accepted year round in the big dumpster. Metal only, please!

Tires will be accepted in small quantities only by reservation. Check with the attendant for the sign-up sheet.

Universal Hazardous Waste will be accepted ONLY at the Unity Area Recycling Center during operating hours: 9AM-4PM Tuesday through Friday and 8AM-1PM on Saturday. No hazardous waste will be accepted at the Transfer Station. This list includes all batteries, ink and toner cartridges, TVs and monitors, computers, printers, and other electronic equipment, game consoles, digital picture frames, and anything containing mercury (fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, thermostats, automotive switches, and some antiques.) Pamphlets are available in the Town Office and at the Transfer Station.