Welcome to the Town of Jackson, Waldo County, Maine, USA. Settled in 1798 and incorporated on June 12, 1812, Jackson is a small town of about 548 people. Here you can find useful information like upcoming events, phone numbers, and town office hours.



The Town Office has gone to walk up service only using the sliding window at the front of the office. You will not be allowed inside the building unless you are a town employee.  If you have questions regarding vehicle registrations please call  722-3439 as the rules are changing daily. If your vehicle registration has expired during March or in the coming months you are okay and will not be cited.  You will have 30 days after the emergency order is lifted.

Vehicle Registrations

If your vehicle registration expires during this time you do not need to worry, you will not be cited.  Now I cannot say this will happen if your registration expired in 2019 and you just failed to register it.


You can mail a check.  If you call me, I can give you your payoff and if mailed that day I will not charge additional interest due to delays in the mail.

Now the governor has come out with some new restrictions today so I may have to go to walk up window service only.

Take care, be patient and kind


The Unity Area Regional Recycling Center will continue to be closed to the public through this COVID-19 State of Emergency. This is why we have gone to no recycling at this time.  The Transfer Station is open for your bagged trash only and are asking you to throw your own bags into the dumpsters.  The metal dumpster is also still available. The swap shop is closed. We will be scheduling a Brown Goods Day in May, depending on the COVID-19 State of Emergency.
The Jackson Town Meeting previously posted for March 21st has been postponed until further notice.
Selectmen’s meetings will be canceled until further notice.  The selectmen will be in to sign warrants so that bills can still be paid. The Maine Legislature has enacted LD 2167 which provides that in the event that Town meetings are postponed municipalities are allowed to continue to fund government operations at the budget levels approved for the previous year and allows the treasurer to disburse funds on the authority of a warrant signed by the selectmen outside of a public meeting.

Due to the coronavirus concerns all events  at the Jackson Library have been postponed and the Library will be closed until further notice. The key at the town office will not be available during the Library closure period and  the Library will not be open on Sunday during the transfer station hours. The Library board is sorry for the inconvenience.

The monthly meetings of the Jackson Planning Board will be postponed until further notice. If you have a need to address the Board please contact Jackson Town Clerk Brenda Dennison at 207-722-3439.